Indiana Guard Reserve

Indiana Guard Reserve


Today’s Indiana Guard Reserve focuses on serving Hoosiers by assisting the National Guard and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security in their domestic missions as well as providing instruction to emergency management teams regarding the National Incident Management System (NIMS), designing and evaluating training exercises,  and executing community support missions.

In Indiana, IC 10-16-6-2 explains that two groups of forces comprise the state militia: (1) the militia consists of all persons who may bear arms under the Constitution of the State of Indiana, but who are not members of the National Guard; and (2) the Indiana National Guard itself.  Because the National Guard is part of the Armed Forces of the United States, it can be called into federal service by the President of the United States.  When this occurs, the Governor has less resources available for state defense missions.   

In 1961 Governor Matthew Welch established the Guard Reserve as part of the Military Department of Indiana.  As a supplemental force when a portion of the National Guard is in federal service, the Guard Reserve is subject solely to the orders of the Governor and is commanded by the Adjutant General.  Accordingly, the Guard Reserve may augment or embed with the National Guard during emergencies.  One of the missions of the Guard Reserve is to in-process, train and manage civilian volunteers who respond to the Governor’s call for emergency service to their fellow Hoosiers. 

The Guard Reserve seeks men and women who are United States citizens and residents of Indiana.  Applicants should be law abiding citizens with good reputations in their communities, have sufficient financial resources to buy uniforms, equipment and serve as volunteers, have no legal or moral disqualifications from obtaining Federal security clearances, be mentally and physically fit, and be between the ages of 18 and 65.  Both veterans of the United States Armed Services and non veterans are welcome to apply.  Applicants with prior military service must show proof of their Honorable discharge and re-enlistment eligibility as recorded on DD Forms 214 or NGB Forms 22.  All applicants are subject to criminal background checks.

Hoosiers Serving Hoosiers

Indiana Code 10-16-8

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authorizes the Governor to organize and maintain within Indiana military forces the Governor considers to defend Indiana if any part of the Indiana National Guard is in active federal service.


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